A Reflection on Classroom Management

Topics: Education, Teacher, Teaching Pages: 12 (4108 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Chapter Report

Title: Classroom Management
Main Source: “Managing the Classroom” (Harmer, J. 2007. Ch. 3) Course: EFL Methodology
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Nenden Sri Lengkanawati

Name: Pritz Hutabarat
NIM: 1201156

Table of Content
A. Introduction
B. The Body
a. The definition
b. The teacher in the classroom
c. Managing student talk and teacher talk
d. Using the L1
e. Creating lesson stages
f. Different seating arrangements
g. Different student groupings
C. Synthesis/Comments
D. Conclusion
E. Bibliography

A. Introduction

“Management by objective works – if you know the objectives. Ninety percent you don’t. “ Peter F. Drucker

The quote by one of the most influential people in the study and practice of business management above is also applied in the teaching business. Classroom management should be planned and designed based on the objectives of the lesson. Another popular quote says “people are our most valuable asset” and in the education field the people referred here are the teachers. Because of the significance of its position and influence teachers are often considered to be the central figure behind the success or failure of the learning process. The ability to utilize the resources available for the teaching process is the key factor of this success. In their planning, teachers are required to set the goals of the lesson, to prepare strategies to achieve the goals, to identify the materials and activities needed, and to anticipate the potential problems that could occur during the lesson. During the lesson, the teachers are required to monitor and assess the learning process in order to guarantee the accomplishment of the target, and after the class is over, teachers are recommended to reflect on the lesson, to evaluate what happened during the lesson so that in the future they can provide a better learning atmosphere for the students. This whole set of activities in the life cycle of a lesson (planning, teaching, monitoring, assessing, and evaluating) needs to be carefully organized through effective classroom management to ensure the achievement of the learning objectives. Despite the difficulties faced due to its complexity and the time constraints that teachers have, it is strongly recommended that serious effort should be made to implement effective classroom management. Conducting successful classroom management is like conducting a perfect music arrangement for an orchestra. As we enjoy the perfect harmony of an orchestra the students should also experience a productive yet enjoyable learning process. This report will cover the definition of classroom management, different aspects of teaching in the classroom including how teachers should interact with students, how they can use their voice, how they should talk to students, give instructions, manage student talk and teacher talk, use L1 to the maximum benefit as well as create lesson stages, different seating arrangements, and different student groupings. The next section will present a summary of the topic about classroom management based on Chapter 3 of Jeremy Harmer’s book How to Teach English enriched with ideas and opinions from other writers such as Jerry G. Gebhard, H. Douglas Brown, Jim Srivener, and David Nunan. There are no conflicts between these writes’ opinions instead they complement each other in the discussion about the topic. The summary is followed by synthesis and comments on the matter before finally drawing conclusions. The last section will list all of the sources used for this paper.

B. The Body

The definition
Classroom management refers to the way teachers organize what goes on in the classroom and the goal is to create a classroom atmosphere conducive to interacting in English in meaningful ways so that students can make progress in learning...
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