A Reflection: Communio Et Progressio

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  • Published : January 25, 2011
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“Modern man cannot do without information that is full, consistent, accurate and true. Without it, he cannot understand the perpetually changing world in which he lives nor be able to adapt himself to the real situation. This adaptation calls for frequent decisions that should be made with a full knowledge of events. Only in this way can he assume a responsible and active role in his community and be a part of its economic, political, cultural and religious life. With the right to be informed goes the duty to seek information. Information does not simply occur; it has to be sought. On the other hand, in order to get it, the man who wants information must have access to the varied means of social communication. In this way he can freely choose whatever means best suit his needs both personal and social. It is futile to talk about the right to information if a variety of the sources for it are not made available.”[1] As clearly seen in our context as Catholics, I think that never did the Church lack the effort to inform the faithful and those who belong to other religions as well, as regards spreading the latest information and developments in our faith. In fact, anyone is just a click away from any information about the Holy Roman Catholic Church. A good example maybe is the recent consent of the Holy Father towards the use of condoms. The Holy Father actually allowed this because “condom use might be their first act of responsibility to redevelop their consciousness of the fact that not everything is permitted and that one cannot do everything one wants.”[2] This line is even delineated as we consider as to whom this line is directed, i.e. to male prostitutes. This issue regarding the use of condom as allowed by the Holy Father is indeed a controversial one. It, being controversial in nature, the press would try to make the best out of it in order for the great majority not to misconstrue its message. This claim I base from what I’ve read in an article published...
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