A Red, Red Rose, by Robert Burns

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A Red, Red Rose, by Robert Burns
As I get a chance to get myself into a wonderful poem A Red, Red Rose, by Robert Burns. This poem is not only unique, but the writer is one of the most famous poem writers of all time. A Red, Red Rose is one of Burns’s popular and colligated works. Robert Burns is a man of the mainly emotional temper; with passions. Burns has a rhythm and immediacy in verse, with concepts of eternal enduring love that appeal and intrigue the hearts and minds of many. Burns completed the poem A Red, Red Rose, in 1794 in an English dialect called Scots for publication in collections of traditional Scottish ballads. This love poem was exceedingly put together as four-line stanzas. The writer, Robert Burns was born on January 25, 1759, in Alloway, Scotland. His father, William Burns, was a farmer who seemed to have horribly bad business sense. His mother had a great store of tradition songs and ballads. Robert got very little education, since he so often had to help with the heavy work of farming, but he still read great, and that made up for a lot. In 1773, at the age of only fifteen, Robert composed his first song called Handsome Nell, in honor of the village blacksmith's daughter. He wrote his first poem, O Once I Loved, in 1774, and after that there was no ending him. Once Things got financially enhanced for the family in 1777, after they moved to a different farm, and Robert was able to read and write even more. In 1786 Burns proposed marriage to Jean Armour, who was pregnant with his twin sons. Her parents rejected his propose and demanded financial restitution. As a result, Burns determined to sail to the West Indies and start a new life. Throughout his life, Burns wrote many famous love poems, including "A Red, Red Rose" and "Tam Glen." The poem A Red, Red Rose, was first publishing in 1794. The poem was written in ballad stanzas, the narrator is trying to contrast his first love with a blooming rose in spring...
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