A Reaction in American History

Topics: United States, American middle class, Superpower Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: March 17, 2013
17 October 2012

Early American History
Reaction Paper

A Reaction in American History

The History of America interests not only me, the world on a grand scale. America was a form giver to many of today’s governments looking at what we did in the past things that if you looked upon them today you would say that these are just normal things, but in the time period this happened this is nowhere near normal, it’s abnormal. Population growth, mannerisms, transportation, a split country Amazed how easy it was to get all Americans to ban together to change how there means of thinking was. It made me think that Americans always wanted to change how there society acted but no one person had that guts or the knowledge to speak out about how they feel instead they continued to allow the upper class determine how things went on in the colonies. This is such a big deal in today’s society that this happened because without this every time a normal middle class American passes a person of more wealth we would have to bow and so forth. This occurrence also made me think to myself that this event after the war of 1812, is so significant for without everyone wanting to be treated more equally and changing the ways that people looked at one another, the United States most likely would not have a bill of rights nor would the United States have given people the right to vote and it would made ending slavery much harder than it was in the first place. I am also shocked at how quickly the population of the United States grew with strong response to the new states added to the union. With this rapid growth this allowed the United States to be settled in a way that benefited them and thus forth making settlement easier. I was also perplexed at why the population was growing at such a rate. I had learned that with the high emigration to the United States along with a high birthrate this was the main reason for the rapid population growth also with the outstanding...
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