A Rationale of the Outline Scheme of Work for Key Stage 3

Topics: Sikhism, Religion, Christianity Pages: 5 (2194 words) Published: June 27, 2012
A rationale of the outline scheme of work for Key Stage 3

Planning is a key part of teaching. Without a coherent plan lessons may lack structure and direction. Long and medium term planning are an important part of this and in this rationale I hope to demonstrate that my planning does indeed have all of these qualities. The first element to be considered when rationalising this scheme of work is whether or not it meets the needs of Key Stage 3 pupils. I believe that it does because the attainment focus is all within Key Stage 3. However, this is only the very simplest level by which we can measure this criterion. Firstly, we can also measure it by matching the scheme of work to the programme of study. If we look at this we can see that pupils have the opportunity to study all of these elements . The second way in which we could measure this criterion is by looking at the course content. I think that this course is very challenging. It asks pupils to engage with controversial and modern issues. Some might think that this is too difficult for pupils to understand. However, I disagree with this. In my experience of teaching pupils are keen to engage with issues that are current and relevant. These issues can even be quite complex but as long as the pupils are given the vocabulary and this is explained they are quite capable of discussing these issues and often show large degrees of insight. In this way I think that my scheme of work certainly meets the needs of Key Stage 3 pupils. Of course, there may be some question as to whether this scheme as described above is only suitable for the more able pupils. However, in my experience of teaching this is not the case. It simply requires good differentiation for less able pupils to be engage with these topics and once again I think that teachers may be surprised to hear what insight pupils can show in these matters. Personally, I have always felt that it slightly patronising to assume that just because children are young they can’t understand issues that affect all of us. It is important for educators to encourage critical faculties and to make students see that they can engage and have an opinion in these issues. This is part of the philosophy behind my scheme of work. However, I will return to this in more detail later. For now, I think it suffices to say that this scheme of work meets the needs of Key Stage 3 pupils. Another part of meeting these needs is that the scheme contains very little repetition of what happens at Key Stage 2. They may only be some in the topics about Hinduism. However, I would argue that the topic at Key Stage 3 cover new material such as the festival of Holi and the Hindu community in Great Britain. It will also demand more technical terminology and a greater understanding of the religion as a whole. Again, this is something that I will return to later. It is important to avoid repetition for two reasons the first is that as teachers we have a duty to teach our pupils new information. The second reason is that if there is repetition then pupils will end up completing the same activities in Year 8 as they did in Year 4. This makes them bored and they will begin to see RE as a subject that is easy and irrelevant. However, I think that it is fair to say that I have avoided repetition and in this way will keep the Key Stage 3 work engaging and interesting. I have also tried to make my scheme of work coherent by having a system to my topics. I will use Year 7 to illustrate. The first topic is about them just as it is in all the other years. This will give pupils an opportunity to reflect on their own opinions and views. This is something that the commentator White was very keen on. He felt that simply studying other religions didn’t allow space for this . The second topic is about a world religion, in this case Buddhism. This module will have an AT1 focus. However, they will then continue to think about this religion for...
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