A Raisin in the Sun: Main Characters

Topics: Family, Marriage, English-language films Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: October 28, 2010
: A Raisin in the Sun

1. Main Characters: Ruth Younger, Travis Younger, Walter Lee Younger, Beneath Younger, Lena Younger.

* Ruth: Ruth is pregnant and she is going to get her unborn child aborted. * Travis: Travis is the only child he loves his grandmother very much so he bought her a garden. * Walter: Walter is married to Ruth he thinks that everything’s against him. He only wants money and doesn’t care about anything else. * Beneatha: Beneatha plans to become a doctor and she has 2 men that love her. * Lena: Lena cares only for her family and her life. She loves plants and takes them everywhere she goes including her new home.

* Ruth: Ruth is a selfish person who only thinks of herself and not her unborn child she is going to have. * Travis: Travis is a loving guy, he loves his grandma very much that he bought her a garden for herself. * Walter: Walter is impolite he only wants everything to himself and all he wants is money. * Beneatha: Beneatha is loving everyone loves her and wants to be with her she just doesn’t really want to be with them. * Lena: Lena is generous she doesn’t just care about herself she cares about her family and wants to try and give them the best of everything.

* Ruth: Ruth became a little more responsible and knows she should not do things that she’s not ready for anymore. * Travis: Travis is still a loving guy nothing really changed about him. * Walter: Walter found out that money is not all that and that he should act different. * Beneatha: Beneatha knows the person he loves and will soon be with him. * Lena: Lena didn’t change although she still loves her family very much and won’t ever change that.

2. Minor Characters: Joseph Asagai, George Murchison, Bobo.

* Joseph:Joseph is Beneatha’s boyfriend
* George: George is the wealthy man caller
* Bobo: He is the guy from the liquor store

* These people are either a boyfriend or a wealthy guy that keeps...
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