A Raisin in the Sun

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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1.The setting of the story is the mid-1900s in a small apartment in a Chicago Tenement. The story is taken place in this small apartment which is described and by its description the reader is able to recognize that the family lives there because they are poor and being poor is what causes them to have problems. 2.The characters are not stereotypes because when they were put through harsh situations they did what wasn’t expected. Even though Walter was portrayed as only caring about money, he rejected the money that Mr. Lindner offers him. Also, Ruth doesn’t have the abortion, and realizes that this new child is bringing hope into the world. 3.Ruth and Walter tend to argue very much even though they love each other. Ruth is not very open with Walter and is afraid of telling him that she is pregnant. Walter gets mad at Ruth because she does not take his side about buying the liquor store. The cause of their problems is the consistent denial that has been set on their dreams. Later in the play, their relationship is reestablished and they begin to get along better. 4.Mama views Walter as immature and does not believe he takes good decisions and that is why she doesn’t trust him. That is why she opposes Walter’s idea of investing on a liquor store. Walter is really upset with this and causes him to have conflicts with his mother and he feels that he isn’t understood. Mama finally feels she can trust her son when Walter rejects Lindner’s money. 5.Beneathea and Walter fight constantly; they don’t support each other’s dreams, and often scorn each other’s dreams. Beneathea doesn’t have any high hopes for her brother and doesn’t respect him even though he works to sustain her and also help her pay her tuition. 6.Travis sleeping in the living room sofa and having to carry grocery bags in order to earn some money shows how bad his family condition is, but despite this, he is a symbol of hope because he is receiving n education that his father was not able to...
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