A Rainy Day essay

Topics: Weather, Wind, English-language films Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: April 22, 2013
A Rainy Day
A sudden gust of wind swept through the house. Sounds of things dropping heavily onto the floor and doors and windows slamming shut echoed throughout the estate. Irene looked up from her book, which she had been deeply engrossed in for the past hour. Anna, the maid, was running to and fro, picking up fallen items and collecting the clothing from the clothesline. It seemed that a heavy downpour was imminent. Reluctantly, Irene put down her book and got up to help. She shivered as another gust of wind blew across the room. It was chilly. Just as she took out the last piece of clothing for the clothesline, the rain began to fall. At first, it was a drizzle, but it grew heavier. The sky darkened and heavy gloom spread over the house. Irene turned on all the lamps in the house. It felt a little eerie, with the winds howling and the house being as dark as it was, even though it was mid-day. The rain was drumming heavily on the window panes. Its force was so strong that they had to close the front and back doors to pre vent it from getting into the house. Irene followed Anna around. Not being used to the dreary weather and the gloomy surroundings, she was feeling rather frightened. She wished her parents were home to comfort her, but it would be another few hours before they came home from their workplaces. Anna was a little irritated. She did not like people looking over her shoulder when she was working, so she told Irene to watch television. However Irene was reluctant to stay in the living room by herself, and insisted that Anna stay with her. Later , when Anna saw that the girl was preoccupied with the programme, she sneaked back into the kitchen to finish her chores. By the time the show ended, the rain had stopped and the sky had brightened. Relived, Irene returned to her book and was soon engrossed in it again, until her parents came home. She was glad that Anna had been around, and that she was able to keep herself occupied with the television...
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