A Rainy Day

Topics: Weather, Wind, English-language films Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Although being Saturday, the long expected beginning of the weekend that allows me to stay in bed much longer than usually, I was already awake and it was not even eight o’clock yet. Still lying in my comfortable bed wrapped up into my favorite, soft and warm, blue blanket, I could hear the pleasing sound of water flowing down the gutter. It was a rainy morning outside. Not being able to help myself from wondering why on earth I had to be the one getting up so early today, I tried to prolong my staying in bed as much as possible. After few more minutes of stretching and trying to hide myself from the morning light by putting my head under the softness warmth of my bedclothes, I decided to finally get up. Still sleepy and a little bit dizzy after the fiery jump out of the bed, I stumbled towards the large window of my room in order to prove my aforementioned “rainy morning theory”. After moving the large white-and-orange curtain I started opening the blinds. All of a sudden, I couldn’t see a thing, as if someone had put another, white as snow curtain in front of me. Rubbing my eyes, I managed to realize what this was about. The fog was everything I could see. Unusually white, heavy fog was not letting me see anything I usually see. I couldn’t even see the raindrops that were making an apiary like sound while running down the gutter. After having dressed and prepared for going outside in order to pay a visit to my dentist I was still having problems with making myself leave the flat and go outside in a bed weather like this. After a few more moments of whining and lamenting over my early riser destiny, I pushed myself out of the flat and in a moment I was already in front of my building. Now it was possible for me to actually feel the outside atmosphere instead of just sensing it by observing through the window. The weather was really foul. There was a heavy rain splashing trees and cars at the parking next to the building, splashing me myself while standing...
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