A Rainy Day

Topics: English-language films, Water, Rainbow Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: August 23, 2012
Everyone hates it when it rains too much. They cause natural disasters, diseases etc. However, when it rains in the middle of the summer, its heaven on earth. I also experienced a rainy day.

I was going to my best friend’s house; we had not met for many days. I was just going out when it started pouring cats & dogs. I went in with teary eyes since my mother firmly said that I should not go out at all in this weather. I thought that the rain was the worst thing ever. I was very sad. Therefore, I went in my room to sulk. I suddenly heard a bird chirping outside. As I looked out the window, my opinion about the rain suddenly changed. The scene was beautiful. I could smell the fragrance of the wet soil, hear the birds singing beautiful songs and feel the water droplets making the air cool. I felt the rain and the cool air brush my face through the open window. It was funny to see the people on the road scamper away as it started pouring very heavily. The plants and the trees, which had withered due to scorching heat over the past few weeks, seemed to spring back into life with the gentle touch of the raindrops. After a while, I could see a little snail crossing the path peacefully. This was the best day I had ever had. I thanked god for making it rain that day and I thanked my mom for not letting me go to my friend’s house for if I had gone I would have never got to see the beauty of mother nature. It is a fact that we should stop for sometime from our daily hustle and bustle to appreciate this god’s gift to us.
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