A Quick -- but Very Important -- Message from the Prayer Academy:

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A quick -- but very important -- message from the Prayer Academy:

"Are You MURDERING Your Spiritual Life Without Knowing It?"

By Direct Invitation Only, Elisha Goodman Invites Preferred Individuals To Join The NEXT Prayer Academy. Read On To Find Out If You Qualify...

From: Elisha Goodman
  Thursday, 11 p.m. 

Dear Friend, 
I want to congratulate you for reading this far...
To you, this short invitation will work like the proverbial “small hinges that open big doors.” I will explain what that means in a moment, but before then, a very important message:  We're now in the second half of the year. 

The question is … how has the first half been for you?
... and how do you want to see yourself in this last half?  Spiritual victory, plus the sweet smell of success it brings … is no accident. It takes careful planning. And this is the PERFECT TIME to re-examine the spiritual foundation for your success as we go forward.   

Here are the 4 simple steps
to put you on the winners' track:

#1 – Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish that I’ve never been able to accomplish before?”  #2 – Now imagine how that success will change your life, your family, and those around you.  #3 – Ask yourself, “What new skills, new perspectives, new attitudes, new desires do I need to breakthrough to success and victory for the rest of 2011?”  #4 – Now think… “What will give you the surest and most fulfilling way to breakthroughs, signs and wonders starting NOW?”  I KNOW the ups and downs you go through on a daily basis with your life, family, business or job. I’ve not only experienced them myself, I’ve talked with and coached thousands of individuals across the world who were in your shoes.

I KNOW what it's like to be sitting on the wrong side of the river -- so to speak -- where the grass is dead and people look hopeless and not very happy... looking across to the other side, where the Feast of Life is rocking away, and everyone is feasting on the promises of God and VERY happy.

And I hated the fact that I didn't know how to get across that river.

Didn't know how to claim my seat at the Feast.

But the LORD helped me (and will help you too) …

To build my OWN little bridge to cross that river, and take
a seat with the other happy people.

Do you know how the LORD empowered me to be able to build that bridge, and CHANGE my life forever?     

HE taught me to pray in a targeted, focused manner.

From the moment I discovered how to craft a prayer point that worked (from the scriptures) ... I kissed my old life goodbye forever -- that sad old life of discouragement, fear and hopelessness -- and promptly entered into the joy of an EXCITING Christian walk with the LORD.

And what I found, I recommend it to everyone I have the opportunity to talk to.

In fact, I will continue to do whatever I can to help you build YOUR own bridge... so you, too, can come over to the lush fields of exciting spiritual walk with the LORD, where sometimes prayers get answered while you are yet speaking!        

There are many ways to build your own bridge.

But the one way I KNOW I can help you with... is to show you how to pray in a focused, targeted manner.    
The 4 spiritual manuals we use in the Prayer Academy contain over 700 prayer "bullets" that have put smiles on the faces of thousands, if not tens of thousands, for many, many years!      
Here’s a typical testimony from someone who "stumbled" upon our teachings because his sister sent some materials to him a few years back.

Marriage Restored After 9 Years
of Separation 

“I am excited, I am happy, I feel full of faith as I write this to you. I am so grateful to our faithful Almighty God. I want to thank God for the great work you are doing for the kingdom of God. Great things are happening in my community I live. I am an Elder leading a group in...
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