A Questionnaire About Overseas Students

Topics: Culture, Cultural studies Pages: 3 (438 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Opinions about study
1. What’s your opinion of studying abroad?

2. Do you think it is challenging to study with another language? A. Yes (to question 2) B. No (to question 3)

3. What kind of difficulties do you face when study with another language? A. Teachers’ accent C. Teachers’ speaking speed.
B. Lacking of vocabulary D. other____________

4. Besides language, what kind of difficulties do you have in class? A. Different teaching style
B. Classroom etiquette (rules and regulation)
C. Working with partners
D. Low self-esteem ( to speak out)

5. To what extend do you think avoiding plagiarism is difficult for you to master? A. Agree B. Neutral C. Disagree

Opinions about living environment
6. To what extend do you think it is difficult to adapt to food in Portsmouth? A. Agree B. Neutral C. disagree

7. Is cooking a challenge for you?
A. Yes B. No
8. What kind of problem do you have when you need to cook yourself? A. Unfamiliar ingredients
B. Limited time
C. Not satisfied with the different taste.
D. Other _____________

9. Do you have accommodation difficulties which influence your academic performance? A. Yes B. No

10. Do you miss the familiar living environment in your home country? A. Yes B. No

11. Do you feel safe here?
A. Yes B. No

12. How long does it take to adapt new life in Portsmouth? A. 1-2 weeks B. 3-4 weeks C. more than one month

13. Does the adaption problem affect your study life?
A. Yes B. No

Opinions about cultural differences
14. From the points below, what do you think can be reason for communication difficulties? Difference in politeness ( ) Disagreement of opinions ( )
Lack of tolerance ( ) Stereotypes against other cultures ( ) Nonverbal differences ( ) Lacking of motivation ( )
Having little knowledge about the topic ( )...
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