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‘A Question of Dowry’ is about an Indian girl named Sivasothie was going to be engaged and married to a young man named Thiruchelvam that choose by the family. In the beginning, Sivasothie’s parents were preparing dowry, whereby a sum of twenty thousand and a necklace as to give it to the bridegroom’s family, when they wanted to give away theirs daughter to get married. Then, the problem arises when Sivasothie’s father Mr. Ramachandran told his wife that they cannot afford to give the dowry they agreed to give because of the disvalued of his wife’s piece of land to sell, which given as dowry when she got married to Mr. Ramachandran. After that, the future son in -law came to their house when Mr. Ramachandran telephoned him to come. As Thiruchelvam come, Mr. Ramachandran told him the truth about the dowry matters. Then, it ended up Thiruchelvam reject the marriages with his daughter because couldn’t give the dowry promised. Sivasothie feel sad and hurt because she has to forget him to become her husband after while she liked him so much.

For both cases, these traditions have been part of the Indian culture since the fourth century. In my opinion, dowry may cause the poor families suffer. They may not be able to afford dowries. In case of arranged marriage, I also do not agree with this tradition because maybe children will feel they are being forced to marry someone that they don't even know the name.

Readers comment
I personally think that dowry system is not fair at all. This is because dowry system creates a barrier between the rich and poor. Dowry is set based on education background, financial status, and profession. The dowry set for a doctor and a shopkeeper vary greatly. Only the rich one able to get marry then. Many girls committed suicide because not afford to pay high dowry. Good heart is supposed to be given priority and not money. sometimes tradition are misused by the society...we can see that the dowry purpose is like have changed with time...before: dowry is given by the girl's father to ensure his daughter could live and survive with the money...(the purpose just went for the girl) now: the dowry is requested by the male's side to know the girl's financial status..see..it is change now...(just like night and day) i say, if the purpose of dowry is not being corrected by people now, it will one day vanish just like a mitos (and it is actually happening now)

example ques
 There was much excitement in Mrs Ramachandran’s household. The daughter of the house, Sivasothie, was going to be engaged. The festive air was laden with the spicy smell of curries and wades sizzled in the kwali sauce-pan. Mrs Ramachandran flew here and there, as fast as her 160 pounds would allow her, and helped with her commanding suggestions. “Don’t put too much coconut milk in at once, Ayah!  It’s got to go in by stages.  Now, Tamby, go out and play – but don’t dirty your shirt.  What will Uncle Thiruchelvam think if you’re dirty?” Just then, Mr Ramachandran came into the kitchen and beckoned to his wife. She went out dutifully. In their room, Mr Ramachandran asked his wife where she had put the chain which they were giving their daughter as a personal present. Mrs Ramchandran took out the gold chain from her cupboard. It was a heavy gold chain carved rather much in detail. She sighed with contentment.  “Thiruchelvam’s mother can’t possibly mistake the value of this necklace. I’m glad we decided to give this. Thiruchelvam’s mother! What a grasping woman she is – so surprising that she should be one, because her husband earns so much a month. Her son is more like his father, thank goodness! I’m sure she takes most of his salary now – but then, doctors always have a lot – though he’d better think twice before giving too much to his mother now, since he is going to have a family of his own soon. Oh, Ramachandran! You must have a talk with that young man some time and give him a few helping hints on how to save for his future...
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