A Pursuit to Compromise Happiness

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  • Published : January 19, 2014
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A Pursuit to Compromise Happiness
Everyone that is living in the world we live in today are all making their best efforts to obtain that which we all want the most, happiness. Many individuals will pursue that happiness, while others manage to compromise that happiness. Everyone has their own methods at trying to achieve happiness, but sometimes they just cannot pursue it and when they realize that what they want, they cannot have. Their happiness will become compromised. When at the same time some individuals can pursue that happiness and achieve what they truly want in life. Other times those who pursue their happiness, end up compromising their happiness in the process. The image “New York, ca. 1962” can be shown to prove what an individual’s happiness can be like when it is compromised. With that in mind it can be determined that when an individual makes an attempt to pursue their own happiness, that how they pursue that happiness can lead to the compromise of what they are truly trying to find.

In the image “New York, ca. 1962”, from the second I lay my eyes on the image the first thing that I see is the sense of being trapped in a prison from all of the bars and fences that just surrounds the image. This sense of being trapped and not being able to roam or act freely to most people is a huge compromise of their happiness. That they can no longer pursue their happiness or anything for that matter besides their own survival behind the bars. It is also shown that the wolf that is trapped behind the bars is clearly showing his compromised happiness by his pose. His head slightly bowed, and his tail down between his legs. Just staring out at all the people who pass by with their freedom to still pursue their happiness. Being trapped behind bars in a jail is almost always caused by someone’s pursuit of happiness. Someone tries to pursue their happiness in the wrong ways and ends up getting themselves into trouble that they cannot get themselves out of, and...
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