A Psychological Horror Drama

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Statement Of Intent
My intent for this project is to create a live action, horror-influenced film. However, I am going to try and create more of a gloomy drama with horror features as opposed to a 'true' horror film. In order to do this, I am going to have a plot that relies more on the characters and their actions, and instead use horror inspirations in the style of film making. In particular, I am hoping to experiment with the use of light and sound to create unease. For my film, there are two main influences that I will work from. One is a film, and one is a videogame series. They all share similar styles and themes, which is why I have chosen to use them as influences in my work.

Influence 1:
The first influence is a film called 'The Ghost'. It is a Korean horror film by Tae-Kyung Kim. From this, I have decided to draw upon the technique, where dreams and flashbacks give information and create atmosphere. The main reason for this in 'The Ghost' is because the main character suffers from amnesia, and gradually recalls things. In my film, I am planing for the character to be thinking back over the series of events that lead to what is happening at the present moment and so things will be gradually revealed. Also, I am intrigued by the use of lighting in 'The Ghost'. Instead of using the red lighting typical in horror films, it uses dark, shadowed lighting with green and blue tints, an example being the scenes with the main character's mother. During these scenes, the lighting is very dark, with lots of shadows in the room, and a green tint to the light, which helps with the horror aspect of the film, which involves drowning, as it gives the feel of being underwater. This holds significance in that film due to the storyline, but I am still interested in the use of different colours and levels of lighting to create atmosphere. I hope to use this in my own film.

Influence 2:
The second, and possibly stronger inspiration I have chosen is the 'Silent...
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