A Psalm of Life - Short Essay

Topics: Maratha Empire, Peshwa, Maharashtra Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: March 20, 2013
The revolt against the British rule, issued by India’s freedom fighters in 1857, is a ground breaking event in the history of India’s independence struggle. The flint of 1857 was ignited by the dissatisfaction that spread like wild fire among the Indian soldiers in the British. On this background, Tatya Tope, a General with the Peshwas, became an icon for the State of Maharashtra. People from Maharashtra made a significant contribution in the struggle for independence, and Tatya Tope’s was a prominent role in that. He was born in the year 1814 in Yeole in the district of Nashik. He was second among the eight siblings of Pandurang Tope aka Pant. His official name was Raghunath although he also went by the name of Ramchandra. His father was the resident treasurer with the Peshwa inBrahmavarta. Peshwa Bajirao II of Poona was then the ruling chief of the Marathas. PandurangPant was a respected member of his court. Occasionally the boy Tatya used to accompany his father during his visits to the Peshwa. It was not long before the smart boy with expressive eyes attracted the attention of the Peshwa. Impressed by the brilliance of the boy, the Peshwa decorated him with a cap bright with jewels. Those near and dear to Raghunath used to call him Tatya (a term of affection in Marathi). Since the Peshwa presented the cap, it became his life-long companion. So he came to be called Tatya Tope and the name stuck to him to the end. Thus, Raghunath alias Tatya was fortunate to have spent his childhood with Nanasaheb Peshwa and Queen Laxmibai. Later, for many years, Tatya was engaged in clerical work in the court of Nanasaheb. He progressed with the Gwalior contingent after the British reoccupation of Kanpur. In May 1857, when the political storm was gaining momentum, he won over the Indian troops of the East India Company, stationed at Kanpur (Cawnpore), established Nanasaheb's authority and became the Commander-in-Chief of his forces. His capabilities were tested to the core;...
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