“a Proposed Human Resource Information System Solution for the Agricultural Development Bank”.

System , Requirement , Software architecture

“A Proposed Human Resource Information System Solution for the Agricultural Development Bank”.

Executive Summary
There are approximately 110 employees at the Bank. At present there are few formal Human Resource policies and procedures in place.

Management is looking for a solution that can handle at least the following day to day HR functions: Time Keeping
Leaves for sickness and other reasons
Evaluation and Performance appraisals

In addition, the following features are desirable:

Resource allocation management
Succession planning
Payroll functionality integrated with financial software for compensation and benefits management. Skills management.

The Human Resource Information System solution must fit the particular configuration of the Bank since recruitment is considered for Tobago. Furthermore, the HRIS must be fully web integrated self-service functionally so staff could check and update data online.


The Main Issue at the Agricultural Development Bank is that there are little or no formalized HR practices. Well written job descriptions for each job in the organization is the foundation of human resource management. Job functions must be detailed and unambiguous. These can then be used as a benchmark for effective job evaluations and appraisals as well as performance management, training and recruitment decisions. At present, certain HR functions are neglected, inefficiently performed or delayed because of a lack of procedure or official personnel assigned to carrying them out. 1.The Payroll function must be transferred from the accounts department and move from a semi-manual preparation to one which is automatically generated. 2.In addition, there is no means for time keeping and management of sick and vacation leave. 3.The translation of a worker from the probationary period is dependent on an appraisal from management and is generally...
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