A Proposal for a Debate Club of a School

Topics: Debate, World Universities Debating Championship, American Parliamentary Debate Association Pages: 6 (1416 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Kurmitola HIGH SCHOOL Debate Club



* Name: KURMITOLA HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE CLUB (KHS DC) will be the name of the club. It is proposed by us. If there is any problem about the name, the name will decide later.

* Why does a school need a debate club?
A school is a playground of the students. Here a student can built his career with the light of education and the help of the respective teachers. A school is not only a place for study; it is also a place for growing one’s extra-curricular activities. Debate is one of the most respected extra-curricular activities. A school needs a debate club for giving an opportunity to the student. It also helps the school by increasing its reputation to the concerned parents. It also helps a student through the following points:

* Increasing a student’s wit-hummer.
* Increasing student’s general knowledge about recent and buzz news. * Growing one’s extra-curricular activities besides regular study. * Arranging and participating on different debate tournaments to show our potentialities to the national debating society.

Besides these opportunities a student also gets some other facilities by the club. And with the help of these opportunities a student can make him a debater.

* Debate and Bangladesh:
Presently the practice of debate both in Bengali and English debate, Bangladesh makes an outstanding platform for the debaters. In Bangladesh, Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF) organizes different kinds of activities to increase the level of debate. In Bengali debate, Bangladesh achieves a high standard of debate through its own style and regulations. It makes a lot of meritorious debaters in this field. Now they are respected in their respective workplace. Every year country’s different debate clubs organize debate tournaments to achieve high level of debate and works to develop the debate’s standard.

By these tournaments, BDF finds many meritorious debaters. BDF organizes different debate workshop for the debaters. Besides, it gives BDF AWARDS to the debates for special achievement in respective sectors which also encourage debaters.

In English debate, Bangladesh has a good fame both in national and international debate society. The leading universities debate clubs and the school level debate clubs have a good command in English debate. IBA DEBATE CLUB and NSU DEBATE CLUB is the two most famous debate clubs both in home and abroad. Besides them in Bangladesh we have 30- 40 debate club in school level; like- RAJUK COLLEGE DC, VNC DC, and JDC etc. They participate in many international debate tournaments like WUDC, ASIAN BP, ALL ASIANS, and OIC INTERNATINAL DEBATE COMPETETION and bring a good fame for our country. These two clubs have some activities to improve the level of debate in Bangladesh. They work for it.

* Future of a Debater:
Debate makes a bright future for the debaters. It helps them to make a bright and shine career. It helps one by:

* Building an outstanding career through this knowledge. * Became famous towards the country by wining trophy.
* Being participant in national and international tournament. * Increase interpersonal skills.
* Having a good command in providing a good extempore speech. * Do well in jobs sectors.
* Helping to get jobs in BAT-B, Grameenphone and other MNCs’.

* Goal of the club:
Like every debate club, we have also a Short term and a Long term goal. It is the main direction of our club. And it is:

* Short term goal: Being entered in debating society and get one step ahead and introducing a new world of DEBATE to the students. Also arranging a tournament within one month of establishment and being champion in national level tournament within six...
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