A Proposal for Preventing Gay Marriage Rights from Being a Large Topic of Debate in the U.S.

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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A proposal for preventing gay marriage rights from being a large topic of debate in the United States. A proposal for preventing gay marriage rights from being a large topic of debate in the United States.

By Ciera Miller and Evan Forbes, 2013
Equal marriage rights for homosexuals have been long debated topics in the United Sates. It has been so overly done that is has just become an obnoxious way to keep bringing it up in politics. But why would anyone object to this idea? It’s so great for our society. We propose that the government should take away all marital rights of people in the United States so that this freedom will no longer be a topic of debate. This proposition is backed up by many points including how gays get married for fun, how being gay is a disease, how stereotypes about gays is true and how gays do not deserve equal rights. In 2004, Massachusetts divorce rates declined by 21% after legalizing gay marriage. Purely coincidental because it has nothing to do with allowing gays to get married. Allowing homosexuals to get married will disgrace the traditional view of marriage, because that is obviously still a thing. If you were given the right to get married would you do it for fun or would you get married because you are actually in love? It is a common stereotype that being around gays will make you gay, just like being around a cat will make you a cat, right? Another misconception is that if a gay person touches you, you will catch the “disease”. Thus giving people the incentive to make the gays disappear even though that is just impossible. Every stereotype about gays is true, just like every stereotype about women and African Americans is true. A common stereotype of gays is that they are only in a relationship for sex and they don’t really love each other. But who isn’t? Is that why heterosexuals have higher divorce rates than homosexuals? Another stereotype is that all gay men like to wear leather, rainbows, or guyliner, and all...
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