A Project That Involves Upgrading Hardware and Software

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Project – Scope Document
Capella University


Dr. Walker

May 7, 2011
Medical Office Upgrade

Project Overview.

The project will consist of Hardware and software refreshes. Currently there is a network workgroup in place. All of the computers are running Windows 2000. One of the computers is being utilized as a “server” for the clinic software Medisoft. A Small Business Server utilizing Microsoft SBS 2008 will be implemented. This server will host the domain, active directory services, security policies, clinic software and be a central point for network storage and backup. All of the client computers will be replaced with new ones running Windows 7. These computers will be joined to the domain enforcing password requirements, security policies and ensuring that all computers are backed up and protected from viruses.

Project Scope.

The scope of this project includes and excludes the following items:

In scope:
• A Windows Server 2008 unit will be setup on the network. • Replace current computer towers with newer faster ones, preferably COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf). All hard drives will be removed from the computers for privacy and towers will be donated to a charity. • Database will be backed up and transferred to the new server. All documents and settings will be backed up from old computers and transferred to new ones. • A new gigabit switch will replace current network switch. • Install and configure new Medisoft 15 network edition on new server. • A training session will be performed with office staff.

Out of scope:
• Installing extra software on computers.
• Working with any other databases besides Medisoft.
• Any non-project related work.

Deliverables produced:

• Deliverable 1: A new Server for Network software and backup. • Deliverable 2: More security of logins and information on the network. • Deliverable...
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