A Project Report on “Affordable Housing in India, the Macro and the Micro (Boisar) Perspective in Respect of Usha Breco Realty Ltd”

Topics: Real estate, Affordable housing, Housing cooperative Pages: 54 (14436 words) Published: February 4, 2013
A Project Report On “Affordable Housing in India, the Macro and the Micro (Boisar) perspective in respect of Usha Breco Realty Ltd”

A Project Report Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of

Master of Business Administration


Submitted By:

Shubham Das
(Enrollment No: 11BSPHH011067)

“Interdependence has a higher value than independence”
Some Says “Managers are born and some says managers are made”. I was also in some dilemma before commencing my Summer Internship Project. But after the successful completion of my summer internship project, I came to know that managers are made if they are guided properly and are motivated to work willingly towards fulfillment of specific goal. It is with a sage sense of gratitude, I acknowledge the efforts of whole hosts of well wishers who have in some way or other contributed in their own special ways to the success and completion of this summer internship project. I sincerely express my thanks to my Faculty Guide Prof. Praveen Srivastava for his valuable guidance and intellectual suggestions during this project. Also, I express my sincere thankfulness to my Company Guide Mr. Dileep Singh, Vice President, Corporate Finance & Investment of Usha Breco Realty Ltd (A Usha Martin Group enterprise) and Mr. Vimal Mody, General Manager (Operations) of Usha Breco Realty Ltd (A Usha Martin Group enterprise) for their kind advice, suggestions and constant help in a lot of various ways during project course. Further I express my sage sense of gratitude to Mr. Uday Dharmadhikari, CEO of Usha Breco Realty Ltd (A Usha Martin Group enterprise) who was kind enough to give an opportunity to work under their immense expertise. I sincerely thank to them for their valuable suggestions, motivation and encouragement. I express my thanks to the Usha Breco Realty Ltd‟s Supporting Team, for their support and encouragement in bringing out this project report. Finally, I sincerely express my thanks to all my friends & relatives for their support.

Shubham Das (Enrollment No: 11BSPHH011067)


Prepared by Shubham Das(11BSPHH011067)

Project Report

I, Shubham Das student of IBS Hyderabad hereby declare that this project report entitled “Affordable Housing in India, the Macro and the Micro (Boisar) perspective” for Usha Breco Realty Ltd, Mumbai, is a bona fide record of work done by me during the course of summer internship project work of MBA program and all contents and facts are prepared and presented by me without any bias. I also declare that it has not previously formed the basis for the award to me for any degree/diploma associate ship, fellowship or other similar title, of any Institute/Society.

Place: Mumbai
Date: 01/06/2012

Shubham Das (Enrol No: 11BSPHH011067)


Prepared by Shubham Das(11BSPHH011067)

Project Report

I want to express my gratitude for the experience and practical knowledge that I gained during the summer internship project at Usha Breco Realty Ltd (A Usha Martin Group enterprise). It was my first experience when I was sent to the market to do a hardcore competitor‟s survey as a prospective Buyer to the competitor of Usha Breco Realty Ltd. The basic need of this survey is to bring out fruitful information of the competitors to the company. For accomplishment of the project report I had to analyse different conditions and views from the competitor prospective (for e.g. negotiating on the price) and then I had to combine all my findings on my computer. In making the project report, theoretical as well as practical knowledge was equally important and required. In the market, the experience related to the practical knowledge was very interesting which gave me an opportunity to deal and know about the real estate market of Mumbai and suburbs. The project flows logically consisting of market research, data collection method and interview questionnaire. It hoped that the findings and...
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