A Project on Urban Female Lifestyle

Topics: Demographics, Marketing, Household income in the United States Pages: 19 (6221 words) Published: May 5, 2011
The effect of perception on Indian urban female consumer buying behaviour Dr. Avinash Kapoor and Dr. Chinmaya Kulshrestha Management Development Institute, India avinashkapoor@mdi.ac.in / chinmayak@mdi.ac.in

Products Convey different meanings to different people, consumers form differing attachments to them. Unique consumer-product relationships develop specific to the individual and the situation, but the nature of the product is also highly relevant. The meaning of products may ultimately depend more on the nature of consumers rather than the nature of products (Martin, 1998; Rochberg- Halton, 1981). Understanding how involved consumers become in their apparel - that is, their attachments to them- provides a deeper understanding of the dynamics of consumer behavior and the nature and role of the product category of fashion (Martin, 1998). Evard and Aurier (1996) found that involvement is placed at the heart of the “person-object relationship” and the relational variable most predictive of purchase behavior (Martin, 1998). Contemporary fashion experts indicate that consumers are often distributed across a wide range of fashion consciousness and behaviors. Contemporary fashion experts indicate that consumers are often distributed across a wide range of fashion consciousness and behaviors. The highly fashion involved consumers are seen as the drivers, influentials, and legitimists of the fashion adoption process (O’Cass, 2000). It is important to investigate fashion involvement to understand consumer purchase behavior and to develop improved marketing strategies.

Statement of the problem
To know the effect of the perception on Indian Urban Female Consumer Buying Behavior i.e. to investigate the fashion involvement of selected groups of income and gender (affluent young female consumers with an annual income of Rupees 100,000or more) from Jaipur, Gurgaon India After controlling for socioeconomic demographic characteristics, the strength and direction of the relationships between fashion involvement, media usage, personality traits, and price perceptions of affluent female consumers will l also be assessed.

Purpose of the study
The primary purpose of this exploratory cum descriptive study was to determine if media usage, personality traits, price Perceptions and selected demographic characteristics of affluent young female consumers in India can predict their fashion involvement. The study was conducted with an objective to address the role of the fashion involvement of affluent female consumers and their apparel purchase behavior, retailers and marketers will be able to accurately target this market segment. Additionally, the research will broaden our understanding of consumer behavior. It can thus definitely contribute to larger studies concerned with the enhancement of the domestic market for exotic apparel and accessories.

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Justification of the study
The consumer markets of India especially Jaipur and gurgaon comprises a large proportion of young consumers over the age of 21 (25) years who want, need, and are willing to pay for products that give them convenience and independence. Moreover these cities were selected because they are regional fashion centers in India. (Maspar - NV The Retail Weeks 2007) Thus, this study was concerned with consumer’s perceived relevance of an object (e.g. product or brand, advertisement, or purchase situation) based on the inherent needs, values, and interests of the person (Solomon et. al., 2004). Prior to conducting the main study, the researcher conducted a pilot study to assess the consumer behavior through consumer’s perceived relevance of an object, level of interest in a particular product, measure of personal significance relating to purchasing activities and interest in processing marketing communications along with the perceived importance of fashion clothing, the perception of oneself as a...
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