A Project on Toy Company

Topics: Strategic management, Value chain, Manufacturing Pages: 12 (1928 words) Published: June 30, 2013


Team Name : Oracle

Team Members : Md Ashraful Alam

Arefun Nahar Pushon

Uzma Zaman

Shahnawaz Ahmed Khan

Amran Hossain

Submitted To : Dilara Afroz Khan

Course Name : MGT 210



Oracle Toys, a manufacturing toy company in Bangladesh, is going to start its business operations in 2013. The company’s base of operation is in Bangladesh and it will primarily sell its manufactured products here and then it will expand its market in the South East Asian region as well as ultimately will go global. The primary investment is 3000000 tk. and it is going to start its manufacturing shortly. The organizational structure has already been mandated and the necessary expertise is being assimilated as the ownership of this company is equally divided among 5 partners. They will be accountable for the profitability and the company’s growth. As the owners are thriving to start the business, the necessity to analyze and evaluate the business and the various components of the business from different perspectives has arisen.


Md Ashraful Alam – MANAGING DIRECTOR, The role of a MD is to formulate and successfully implement company’s policy and to direct the strategy towards profitable growth of the company.

Arefun Nahar Pushon-HEAD OF FINANCE DEPT, The main responsiblity of this job is to overall controll the company’s accounting function and financial planning and related on going advice in decision making.

Uzma Zaman-HEAD OF HR- As the head of HR the job is to manage and coordinate all the activities related to human supply of the company.

Shahnawaz Ahmed Khan-head operating officer- the job is to look after the daily operation of the company and reports to the managing director

Amran Hossain-HEAD OF MARKETING DEPT- the work is to create and develop and implement the delivery of oracle’s marketing strategy,to meet the needs of overall business plan.


Toy industry is a potential industry in Bangladesh though it is established in almost everywhere in the globe and the USA and the European countries are the harbinger of this industry. This industry’s target market is usually the children of 1 year old to 11 years old. The potentiality of this industry has been overlooked in Bangladesh and there is no existing competition as toys are usually imported in our country and sold by retailers. Though Bangladesh manufacture some traditional indigenous toys like ‘Pebble Toys’(Knitted Soft Toys) which are largely manufactured by a company named ‘Hathay Bunano’. And a very limited quantity of and low quality plastic toys. Yet, it is a very small fraction of the toy demand of Bangladesh. So it is high time someone captured this opportunity of a lifetime and utilized it to the maximum.

Sources: http://www.pebblechild.com/


4.1. Mission Statement

Oracle toys will manufacture High Quality & distinctive Electronic Toys and provide your babies with a wide range of toys which will help your little ones’ learn through amusement.

4.2. Vision Statement

Oracle Toys will become the leader by revolutionizing the toy industry in Bangladesh as well as one of the largest toy manufacturing...
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