A Problem I Had to Overcome

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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sometimes, we may find ourselves face to face with a problem that feels impossible to be solved or fixed. But as we know for every problem theres always a solution.

I also had a problem i thought I wouldnt be able to overcome. it was such a dark period in my life that taught me to think twice before doing anything. It all started when i was in the 10th grade and i had just moved to a new school. I was really sad because i had to leave my friends whom I've known my whole life but my dad had found a better job in another country so we all had to move.

I found it really scary moving to a new country and a new school were i had no friends but soon enough i started adjusting and i got to know alot of new friends. It wasnt long until i discovered the truth about the people i was hanging out with and found out they were doing illegal drugs. at the time i did'nt know how to tell them that i didn't want hang out with them anymore so i made up a story and told them that my mother found out about them doing drugs and that she told me to stop hanging out with them.

They all got scared and made me promise not to tell anyone and told me that they were'nt going to do drugs anymore. I didnt believe them, but i figured it was non of my business since we stopped talking.

what happened with me taught me that people arent always as good as they may look and that we should really get to know the people we hang out with before we trust them so we wont get in trouble.
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