A Possible Different Ending for the Novel, the Awakening

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  • Published : June 11, 2009
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The Awakening - Final Observation
2. Change the ending of the story.

Edna strips herself of her clothes and swims into the ocean. She has a great amount of things on her mind and she ponders these. She thinks about Robert, Leonce, her children, and Robert's note. As she is about to give up and surrender to the ocean, Robert, who has been watching over her, quickly takes off his shirt and dives into the water. He swims at an astonishing speed towards Edna and grabs her by the waist. She is shocked and nearly screams. Edna turns around and realizes that it is her love. She kisses him and they simply float in the water for the next minutes. Robert then lifts and pulls Edna, who is feeling weary, out of water after swimming back to shore. Robert finds his shirt lying on the sand of the beach and wraps a shivering Edna. As the two begin walking, Robert talks to Edna. Edna has not fully returned to the world yet. She ignores Robert and notices the bird that she had seen earlier with the broken wing. Someone was trying to help it as it struggled to stay alive. Edna compared the bird to herself as both the bird and Edna were saved from death. Edna starts to listen to Robert. He tells Edna of how he followed her because he wanted to ask her of their future. When he asks Edna what she was doing in the water, she claims that she is still not a strong swimmer and almost drowned. She tries to move away from the subject. Edna asks Robert of the note left. She asks him why he said "Good-by - because I love you." Robert responds that it was just a way to express his love for her. Robert and Edna realize that they need to move away from Grand Isle if they want to pursue their lives with each other. Edna makes a quick decision, showing her immense passion for Robert. She decides to leave town with Robert the next morning. Robert gives a kiss to Edna on her cheek as they arrive at her home. She slowly walks in, and heads straight to her room. She lies on her bed and quickly...
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