A Portrait of Myself

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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A portrait of myself.

Hello my name is Kent Christensen, I’m 18 very soon 19 years old the 6th September. Right now I live in Tistrup with my parents and little brother and my lovely cat Alex Tistrup is around 30 km away from Esbjerg which I have to go to everyday because I go to school there. In Esbjerg I study at 1stg. at Rybners regional gymnasium I have been studying here for around 2 weeks now and I am looking forward to spend 3 years studying here. In the not so very far future am I going to move here in Esbjerg, because that will make my day easier to get through as I can sleep a little longer and don’t have that far to school, as well does all of my friends and class mates live in Esbjerg. Before all this I was living in Viborg studying to become an IT-Supporter there. But unfortunately I was not able to get an apprenticeship so I could not complete that education. In my spare time I play table tennis and volley ball. I started to play table tennis back in elementary school because I was always beatenhen playing at school. So I trained it a lot and got way better and in the end so good that I became Danish champion in my division, and some years later I ended up winning 4 Danish titles in 1 year. For volley ball I am also pretty good but haven't really played seriously just more for fun. Other than that I play some computer games with my friends, usually a game that involves some sort of strategy were you have to overcome your opponent’s mind basically. I also watch other sports like Snooker and American football, which I also enjoy betting on to make the sports a little more fun to watch. My favorite team of NFL is New Orleans Saints, so it was a huge highlight for me when they won the super bowl in 2010.
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