A Police and Theif's Story

Topics: English-language films, American films, Gun Control Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: September 4, 2012
The two men Lacey and Barnes,waited in their car about a quarter of a mile from the big house They sat there in the darkness,smoking,hardily taking.it as now a little after midnight. at last they saw a light in one of the upstairs windows.It flashed once,twice,three times. that's the signal, Lacey said. Both men got out of the car. They were wearing dark clothes. They now put on gloves.Lacey had a small bag of tools. Can I bring the gun? Barnes asked. how many times must i tell you , No guns! Lacey snapped. Not white you're working with me. They entered the garden through a small side gate. I hope there aren't any dogs.Barnes said as they crept round the edge of garden.They were going towards the back of the house.There are no fogs and no people here, Lacey told him. Expect for our friend upstairs Now keep quite and follow me!

they entered a big yard at the back of the house. That's the window over there, Lacey said pointing to small window near the kitchen door. you wait here.I'll get through the kitchen window.If I can't open the door. You'll have to climb through the window too. Lacey crossed the yard He opened the window without difficulty and climbed through.But the Whistled to Barnes.You'll have to climb through the window, too, he said. Just at that moment they heard the sound of a car.It was approached the house at great speed and its light lit up the house as it got nearer.People got out and they could hear voices. It's the police! Barnes said It's a trap. I knew it! Don't panic! Lacey told him Now listen to me. Go back to the car and wait for me there. I'll join you as soon as i can. Off you go - and keep well in the shadow
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