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Money Talks — play scriptMoney Talks
by Yu-Mei Lin
DavidDoctorAndySueMomPolice officer
——————————————————————————– Summary
Three young people wanted to save their mother who was very sick. Their mother needed an operation, and it would cost a lot of money. Because they had no money, they decided to rob a bank. However, their plan was defective. Their mother was sad. Scene I: In the hospital

(In a room, the doctor talks to David.)
David: (Nervous) Is my mother OK?
Doctor: (Serious) Your mother is very sick.
David: How to cure her?
Doctor: Your mother needs an operation, and it will cost a lot of money to cure her. David: (Grabs the doctor) How much will it cost?
Doctor: It should be at least one million dollars. (Then the doctor goes out.) David: That is not a small fortune. How will I come up with the money in a short time? (Andy comes in.)
Andy: Where is Mom?  Is she OK?  (Looks around)
David: The doctor said that it should cost a big fortune.
Andy: But we don’t have enough money to pay for it. What should we do? David: Let’s go home and discuss it.
(On the road, David sees a woman withdraw money from an ATM.) David: (Excited) Look!  It is money.
Andy: But that is a bank.
David: We should earn a lot of money in a short time. This way is quick. Andy: This way is illegal.
David: But we only have one mother, and she is nice to us.
Andy: Umm…  Let’s go home and discuss with sister. Look!  There is one hundred dollars on the floor!  (Picks it up) David: (Hits his head) One hundred dollars?  We need one billion, not one hundred! Andy: It is mine. (Croaking voice)

Scene II: David and Andy get home
Sue: Is Mom OK?
David: The doctor said we need a lot of money to save mother. Sue: But we do not have much money. Look at our home. It is so poor. (Effervescing voice) David: Do not be sad!  Let’s discuss an idea.

Sue: What idea do you have?
Andy: We decide to rob a bank.
Sue: What?  Rob a bank?  Your brother-in-law has gone to prison several times for robbing banks. I don’t agree!  (Angry) Andy: But we don’t have a choice!
David: If we don’t have enough money, our mother will die. Sue: OK…this is the only thing we can do.
David and Andy: Let’s go!
Sue: No, we need to make a plan first.
David: Ask our brother-in-law. He always robs banks.
Sue: OK. I will tell him tomorrow.
(Sue takes a lot of weapons back.)
Sue: Choose one weapon you are good at.
(Brothers choose the weapons.)
Sue: Remember to wear your mask.
Scene III: In the bank
Sue: Hello, I want to withdraw a billion dollars from my savings account. Clerk: (To check her drawing account.) Sorry, you don’t have enough money in your savings account. Sue: (Taking out a gun) Just do it!

Clerk: Help! Help!
David and Andy: Hurry up!
Andy: Only underwear, no money.
David: Are you stupid! We just need money!  (The police officer arrives at the bank) Police officer: Don’t move! Put down your weapons. (The police officer holds up the gun to them.) David, Andy, and Sue: Oh, my God!

David: The police officer is coming!
Andy: What should we do?  (Nervous)
(David, Andy, and Sue want to escape away.)
Sue: I cover you! Go!  Hurry!  (Police shoots Sue and Sue gets hurt.) Sue: Oh!
David: Are you OK?
Andy: What happened?
Sue: My leg is hurt!  I can’t walk now.
Police officer: Don’t move, and give up!  You are all under arrested. Scene IV: In the police office
Police officer: Why did you try to rob the bank?  Do you know it is illegal to rob the bank? David: Because our Mom is sick, we need money to save her.
Andy: We don’t have enough money, so we decided to rob the bank. Sue: We know it is wrong to rob the bank, but we didn’t have any choice. Police officer: I understand why you need the money but robbing a bank is against the law. (Mom enters in the police office.)

David, Andy, and Sue: Mom, we were wrong!
Mom: I know you robbed the bank for me, but it’s wrong!  It will affect your future. Police officer: We should be good to our parents, but...
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