A Plan in the Making the Const

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A Plan in the Making the Const

By | October 1999
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A Plan in the Making

Some people have always wondered whether the making of Constitution of the United States was, in fact, supposed to happen at the Constitutional Convention or if it was even supposed to be drawn up in the way it was. In this essay, I will summarize to different views on what went on at the Constitutional Convention and how the Constitution of the United States come about. I want to emphasize that none of these views or theories discussed in this essay are my own. The convention that is referred to was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It began In May of 1787. I will first discuss John P. Roche’s views on the framing of the Constitution. He begins talking about the “Founding Fathers.” He called great democratic politicians. He says that even though they were great politicians, they had to proceed with caution. This was because they did not want to upset the public. They needed to keep the people’s interest in concern at all times. Roche said that the “Founding Father’s” relied on experience not reason. He argues that even though the politicians wanted something else, they still had to conform to the general population. If they did not, then the public would not accept anything that came out of this convention. Roche also says that there were those that wanted a monarchy or a different type of government other than what the Articles of Confederation provided. Some representatives wanted a more centralized form of government, meaning that, more power would be given to the National Government. Others wanted the majority of the power to remain with the states. The reason being that people did not want a government that was like Britain’s. With this entire situation going on, how were the representatives going to form a new government? Roche says that the Constitutionalists had great success in convincing all the other representatives that change was needed and...

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