A Plan for the Business Report(Qantas)

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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A plan for the business report(Qantas)
* Purpose of the report—give suggestions to my client who is interested in ethical investing by analyzing and evaluating the ethical and financial issues.

* Definition of ethical investing. (source: http://www.ethicalinvesting.com/)

* Brief description and general information about Qantas. (source: Qantas’ official website)
* History(development)
* Business
* Corporate Governance

* Outline the report’s section and recommendation.
* Ethical issue—fair work condition which includes fair salary and job security. (e.g. Qantas strike)
* Financial issue—share price history (2003-2012)

Evaluation of Qantas in terms of fair work condition.
* Definition of fair work condition. (source: http://www.fairwork.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx) * Overview of the fair work act. (book—understanding the fair work act 2nd edi)

* Brief description of the performance in this area of Qantas. * e.g. Qantas strike which happened in 2011–(issue: respect the rights of employees) (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Qantas_trade_union_disputes)

* Analyzing the reasons for Qantas strike and evaluating Qantas management’s performances. * Fair salary
i. Pilot—compare to Qantas airline pilots, pilots of Jetstar airline are paid less than 50% . ii. Qantas plans to lay off 1000 jobs in order to solve the problem of being loss in the international airline; however, it gave the CEO a bonus as 2 million. iii. Why it is unfair.( give the reason)

(source: Federal Court of Australia, Qantas Airway Ltd v Transport Workers’ Union of Australia (No 2) [2011], FCA 816)

* Working condition—job security , training
Engineers—better salary and job security;
Ground staff—job security
i. Reason for Qantas staff’s argument.
ii. What does job security contain?
iii. What should an ethical company do in this...
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