A Place I Would Love to Visit

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There are a lot of wonderful places I'd like to visit. However, most of all I would really like to visit Hollywood for which I have a great deal of reasons to do: to see how the films are made, meet famous actors and actresses and to feel the vibrant atmosphere of Los Angeles.

To begin with, Hollywood is famous for making films. For example, I like films and spend a great amount of my free time watching new and sometimes even old films, especially made in Hollywood. And when the film attracts me I wish to know how the director managed to made such wonderful and awesome films, what technologies he used for special effects, and how the actors made dangerous stunts. It seems to me that the Hollywood is the best place to satisfy my interests in making films.

Also, almost all famous American actors and actresses have houses in Hollywood. Therefore if I visit this place I will probably have an opportunity to meet them, take their autographs and even have a talk with them asking them about the inside story during making of the film and after watching themselves in already-made films.Thus, visiting Los-Angeles I will have numerous opportunities of meeting famous figures in cinema industry.

Moreover, Los-Angeles, where Hollywood is situated is one of the beautiful places in the world. It has a lot of beaches and as it is always hot there, you can spend your time swimming and sunbathing. There are also numerous parties organized every day, where you can have a drink and enjoy your time in the city of angels. Therefore besides watching films I will have a great opportunity to get away from my everyday life and enjoy my time by dancing and swimming.

When all is said and done, I reason that the place I most like to visit is Hollywood. I do understand that there are a lot of interesting places I would like to visit too. However, I come to conclusion that Hollywood is the best place for me to understand something I wish most of all.
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