A Piece of Advise Can Change Ones Life

Topics: Advice, Guidance, Orchestra Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: May 27, 2013
For many people, giving advice is a profession. These specialists are called consultants, experts and advisers. They get money for it. Their advices are highly appreciated, because they have professional knowledge. However, w have to give advice to our friends too often, of course, not for the money. Asking for advice - always attempt to divide the possible risk to the adviser, at least morally. IjwouldrlikeytokquoteiSomersetkMaugham:

«It is a dangerous thing to order the lives of others and I have often wondered at the self-confidence of politicians, reformers and suchlike who are prepared to force, upon their fellows measures that must alter their manners, habits, and points of view. I have always hesitated to give advice, for how can one advise another how to act unless one knows that other as well as one knows oneself? Heaven knows, I know little enough of myself: I know; nothing of others. We can only guess at the thoughts and emotions of our neighbours. Each one of us is a prisoner in a solitary tower and he communicates with the other prisoners, who form mankind, by conventional signs that have not quite the same meaning for them as for himself. And life, unfortunately, is something that you can lead but once; mistakes are often irreparable, and who am I that I should tell this one and that how he should lead it? Life is a difficult business and I have found it hard enough to make my own a complete and rounded thing; I have not been tempted to teach my neighbor what he should do with his. But there are men who flounder at the journey's start, the way before them is confused and hazardous, and on occasion, however unwillingly, I have been forced to point the finger of fate. Sometimes men have said to me, what shall I do with my life? And I have seen myself for a moment wrapped in the dark cloak of Destiny. Once I know that I advised well.»Recently I also gave good advice. I've been playing in the orchestra for a long time. I had an...
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