A Picture Is Only Worth a Thousand Words

Topics: Photography, Image, Photograph Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Michelle Pacheco
A Picture Is Only Worth A Thousand Words
In America we regard photographs as powerful. From coast to coast millions of postcards are sent from one household to the other. Postcards are to share experiences, so the friend in Idaho who may never see the beaches of Hawaii can understand your excitement and the adventure. Pictures can in reality be a handicap which inhibits the opportunity for the desire for personal endeavors to encounter unique places for oneself.

Recently I took a road trip to Los Angeles my only problem I was faced with was the attempt to capture the beauty of the sight before me in such a way to capture the essence of beauty that I could bring back to northern California. Photographers make their careers off of delivering emotion through a photograph otherwise only possible through an actual encounter with the object in the photograph. These pictures available now to the rest of the world are highly likely to make the viewer feel as though since they have already seen it in pictures that there will be no purpose to spend the time, effort, and money to see the photograph in it’s true form whatever that may be.

It is important for pictures to evoke curiosity. Photographs are so highly available people now on sites such as Facebook and Instagram that there is less of a need to see people in person since their experiences and lives are available through photographs. Pictures are pleasant and are a nice gesture to include people in your experiences though no photograph would ever be able to do justice to being in the present of people, landmarks, and all of the other wonders the world has to offer.
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