A Picinic I Have Enjoyed

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A Picnic I Have Enjoyed

Last Monday was an Independence day.It was a public holiday as well as my birthday. So my parents decided that the whole family would go on a picnic.I was very happy and excited.I was allowed to invite some of my friends to join us.My close friends were also very happy to come along with us.We all were very excited to look forward to going on a picnic.

On the appointed day, all of us woke up early in the morning.We left our house at 6 o’clock in the morning.We went to Bago where my grandparents live.We went there in our father’s car.When we arrived there , it was about 10 o’clock.My grandparents have a big garden. It has a quiet and peaceful surrounding.There are many kinds of flowering plants and fruit bearing trees in their garden.Whenever I go there ,I picked guavas which I like best.There are also swings ,a slide , a see-saw and a small swimming pool.So I and my friends played with them happily.After playing, we took a rest for a while and had lunch.Everybody was fed with butter rice and chicken curry.My grandmother made Shwe Yin Aye for dessert.We all enjoyed drinking it.In the afternoon some of us played Monopoly game but the rest took a nap for a while.At about three o’clock , we returned home.On our way home, my parents took us to the famous pagodas in Bago to pay homage.

It was very late when we reached home.We were very tired that we all went to bed early and had sound sleep.I think it was the picnic I have enjoyed very much.I will never forget it throughout my life.
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