A Phone Call

Topics: Family, Hearing, Automobile Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: February 11, 2013
The Mysterious Phone Call

It was late one Friday afternoon as my sister and I casually drove down the busy street, listening to the current hits on the radio, and trying to relax after a hard day at work, we could not imagine the news that was going to come our way in just a matter of minutes. I was slumped back lazily, my feet sloppily propped up on the black dashboard of my sister's Suzuki, and my eyes beginning to droop as Nickleback flowed out of the car's speakers. I could see the heat waves rising off the tops of the cars out of the window, and began to notice the beads of sweat forming on my forehead. The melodic ring of my sister's phone sang out as she shoved her hand deep into the denim pocket of her old navy shorts digging around for it.

As I sat flaccid in the hot seat I could hear my sister answer the phone, and instantaneously her voice begin to get shaky, losing its usually calm composure. Worried now, I strived to decipher what was going on, I shifted my weight so that I could now see the tears welling up in my sister's eyes, listening intently, I heard the familiar voice of my mother seeping from within the cell phone. Knowing now that something was wrong within the family a flood of horrible scenarios began rushing through my head; what if someone was in a car accident? Was everyone okay? What was going on here? Then, with one word, all my crazy visions disappeared and I could feel the pit of my stomach drop, as my throat seemed to twist itself into a knot. Something was wrong with my grandma.

It was then that I remembered the tests that she had gone in for, weeks before they had a found a lump on her breast, and now, they must have gotten the results. The color drained from my face, and it was now paler than my already usually pale complexion, as I tried to hold back the tears forming in the corners of my eyes. This could not possibly be happening, my grandma could not be sick. All my life she had been, a great help to my family,...
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