A Petition for Super Junior's 6th Album

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A Petition for Super Junior's 6th Album

To : SM Entertainment

First of all, we appreciate your diligence towards the SM Entertainment artists. We, the fan club of Super Junior, E.L.F. have monitored Super Junior's 3rd, 4th, and 5th album activities in preparation for their upcoming 6th album due to be released this year, and have found some dissatisfactions with your marketing strategies. We present to you this letter of our recommendations, and ask you to read this carefully and reflect on the recommendations outlined below.

Title Song

To the fans who are accustomed with Super Junior's music, their music is considered as being a 'Yoo Young Jin' style, 'SJ Funky', or 'electronic sounds' and these examples are why Super Junior’s songs do not appeal the general public. In today's music scene there is the expectation that varied songs are released everyday but Super Junior’s songs are always similar and produced by one composer, as a result not only the general public, but fans also do not hold high expectations for their songs. In particular, Super Junior's title songs have too much electronic effects, we understand cannot eliminate this as a song with strong beats and electronic effects is popular these days. Some electronic effects could be what SM Ent expects from Super Junior’s music, but too much of it is overpowering and make people lose interest after hearing a 1 minute preview. We are sure that Super Junior aims to sing songs which are fresh but holds a popular appeal showing Super Junior's countless talents and allows the general public to enjoy collectively, unlike the average 'SJ Funky' style which many have become accustomed to. There are some songs which they have composed themselves and many other great songs included in Super Junior's albums, but people listen to their title song and/or a follow up song and make the assumption that’s all. We ask that you please reflect on the suggestions. We, the fan club E.L.F.'s hope to protect...
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