A Persuasive Essay- Wild Creatures in Captivity: Helpful or Inhumane?

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  • Published : January 4, 2011
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If one’s family were dying off, due to poor living conditions, and there was a way to rehabilitate them was to keep them in a facility that closely resembles their homes and they were fed and cared for properly cared for, would that be a fair proposition? That is the basic idea of zoos. The zoo is a facility where animals, with descending population numbers, are cared for, rehabilitated, and usually released back into the wild. Wild animals that are taken care of properly, in places such as these zoos, are better off in an enclosure rather than in their wild habitat, for the reasons that the captive facility is always dependable, the animals are safe from hunters and poachers, and they can be bred and released back into the wild to live out the rest of their lives.

Firstly, captive enclosures are always dependable. In the wild, animals are often forced to scavenge to find food to survive, where as in captivity, the animals are regularly, and fully fed. Also, in the wild, animals can be scorched or frozen to death, or have their homes ruined by another weather condition. In captivity, there are special temperature regulated areas for the animals to retreat to, allowing them comfort, privacy, and shelter. For all these reasons, captive enclosures are more dependable than the natural habitats.

Secondly, the animals are safe from poachers and hunters. In their natural habitats, animals are in constant danger or being shot or trapped by hunters and other opposing threats. Also in the wild, animals, in search for food, sometimes stumble upon humans in villages, or off doing activities, such as hiking or camping and mistake them for prey, upon using their natural instinct. This is both dangerous for the people and the animals. With this information it is clear that animals are most safe away from people whose intent is to harm the animal.

Lastly, the animals can be bred and reintroduced into the wild, further insuring, at the least, slight population numbers to...
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