“a Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective”

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  • Published: March 17, 2012
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“A Personalised Induction
Always be more effective”

Discuss. Base your answer on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class.

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The aim of this essay is to look at the methods and techniques that are used to personalise screeds in order to suit working with different clients. The essay will explore the reasoning behind personalisation and will consider whether this type of induction will always be necessary and more effective.

Main Essay

Why Personalise a Screed?

Although we all as humans are quite similar in appearance we are different in many ways. We have different likes and dislike, come from different cultural backgrounds, and will have been brought up in environments that have provided us with different values and perspectives. Hypnosis is working with the subconscious mind and in order to achieve the best chance of success it is vital that clients realise the most beneficial state possible.

Getting to know your clients it is very important.
It is a matter of respect to treat your clients as individuals, not merely hypnotic subjects. That requires talking with them and – more importantly – listening to them. This therefore provides us with more doorways into their subconscious, as we pay attention to the things that relax them, the way they process experiences and the style of behaviour that they will likely best react to.

Personalising inductions also includes taking into account a client's likes and dislikes, their work, hobbies they have and so on. It includes being aware of topics that are going to repel them, as well as patterns of speech and behaviour that will relax them. The impact that the words we use only make up 7% of our communication. The tone and volume...
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