“a Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective” Discuss. Base Your Answer on Theoretical Concepts and Techniques Presented in Class.

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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“A personalised induction will always be more effective” Discuss.
Base your answer on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class.

Given the innate personal nature of the processes of hypnotherapy it would perhaps seem logical at the outset that the above statement may in fact be true. However, given the complexities of the human organism could it possibly be true that an hypnotic induction tailored to suit a specific individual would always be most effective? In this essay I will look at the methods and techniques employed in hypnotherapy to personalise inductions within the screed, and the reasons why, and consider when and how these techniques may, or may not, be effective. When considering the intimate atmosphere of the hypnotherapy setting and the intrinsic need to help the client to achieve the most beneficial state possible to access their subconscious mind, it is obvious that the acquisition of as much knowledge of the individual as possible can only be advantageous. Also given that, for most of a hypnotherapy session, the client's eyes will, most likely, be closed, the therapist needs to have other resources and knowledge at his/her disposal in order to communicate most effectively, especially given that words alone will need to suffice. When we consider that body language is usually considered to make up as much as 55% of regular human communication, with the tone and volume of the voice a further 38%, the 7% impacted by the words alone indicates the need for them to be at their most poignant and effective. As human beings we are all unique. Despite some obvious similarities, as individuals, we all have very specific likes, dislikes, values and perspectives; born of culture, socialisation, experience, environment and up-bringing. We also all respond in different ways within our environment, interactions and reactions to stimulus such as words used, volume and intonation. It seems clear then that in order to work most effectively with an individual it is essential to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to ascertain the best and most suitable use of language to enable their best chance of success. It is essential to take into consideration all of the above plus likes/dislikes, working life, hobbies, home life and relationships as well as any anxieties and phobias. It is also primarily essential to have an understanding of the way the human brain works, not only in order to most fully understand the processes of hypnotherapy, but also to aid our understanding of the client and to enable implementation of the most effective techniques. This knowledge is also, needless to say, beneficial in helping to improve the therapists self-awareness. The human brain is an amazing organ; not only does it have the ability to follow a direction, it can also create its own mental image of the information it is given. The brain learns at tremendous speed and it is therefore vitally important what it is exposed to, and indeed learns, or is taught. Its ability to learn, make sense of and store information from the past, largely as a result of sensual perception, aids in the understanding of the present. Perhaps most importantly, the brain and the body are intrinsically linked. Just by thinking about a specific, emotive experience we, as humans are able to relive our physical responses to it. We are able to think ourselves into a particular state of mind, as well as being able to indulge our thoughts in a creative and imaginative way. The brain is always engaged, continuously absorbing new information and attempting to make associations in order to make sense of and understand the world. The brain also has the amazing ability to drift from the activities of the present, even whilst managing a task, and indulge itself in other thought or fancy. This trait is particularly beneficial in consideration of the practise of hypnotherapy. In order to create an individualised...
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