A Personal Model of Helping

Topics: Want, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 4 (1648 words) Published: July 14, 2010
“A Personal Model of Helping”
Every day, we learn something new, whether it is about ourselves, our clients, family or friends. Learning is an everyday process of life. We have to learn in order to explore, to teach, but most importantly to help others. We as human service professionals must decide which technique in which we can help others best, then decide what it is about ourselves and our clients that needs the most attention, therefore proper help can be done to improve our client as a person, onto bigger and better things. By helping others, we are not only rewarding them with great things, but it’s a reward for ourselves knowing we have done something positive for someone else. Depending on what particular skills a person possess, their lifestyle, their background and approach, can all make a difference on how a person helps another person. But most importantly, there has to be a willingness to want to help others, or else the point becomes moot. Empathy is the projection of one's own personality into the personality of another in order to understand the person better; ability to share in another's emotions, thoughts, and feelings. (Moore, L.) With empathy, a human service professional really isn’t able to relate to a person’s choices or circumstances in which they may be under. Clinicians define empathy as an important factor to establish rapport with their patient or clients. (Moore, L.) When trying to help a client change, or stray away from their current lifestyle, a human service professional must first try to put themselves in the client’s shoes. Understanding why they did the things they did, for how long, and who else was involved and why. Empathy can improves patients' feeling of satisfaction with care, improves pain management and allows them to feel more in control of their own treatment. (Moore, L. ) By carefully assessing each situation, we can get a clearer understanding, and then begin working on proper goals to...
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