A Person Who Made a Difference

Topics: Personal life, Altruism, Family Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: October 19, 2011
A Person Who Made a Difference:

Gregorio was a humble man with simple needs and with a warm heart. He was always willing to help anyone and able to do diverse jobs for the people without expecting anything in return. He was worried about the children and needy families who lived in deprived areas outside the city. Every other day, he delivered drinking water for those who did not have running water and some food as well. The children of the farmers were picked up and transported to school every day by Gregorio. He came from a poor family in the Andes. In his childhood, he suffered so much because his parents lost him in some of their travel in search of work, and he never saw them again. As a child, he began working for a family who found him, and he did not have the opportunity to go to school. But in his free time he tried to teach himself how to write and read. He was a very smart and courageous person, so he took advantage of his curiosity and ability and learned some carpentry, masonry, and how to build cottages houses with mud and reed. Then he left the country and moved to the city in search of work and a better life style. Gregorio started to work for my parents when he was 16 years old; he was treated as a son. My parents helped him to get his documents so that he could finish school. He always achieved what he set out to do. He was the right hand for my parents, and helped to lead their business. He did a lot of things for family and for my town. The people called him “Mc Giver”. He has been offered a job many times for more money, but he always told them: No, thanks. I already got what I was looking and waiting for in my whole life, a “Family”. He has been loved by the entire town, family and friends. He became known for his charitable work. I will always admire him because of his efforts, ability to overcome obstacles and become independent, and to get ahead with his life. Also, he was simple, honest, and a generous person with a big...
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