A Person Who Made an Impact on My Life

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A Person Who Made An Impact On My Life

We run to them when we’re the ones being bullied; the ones we tattletale to our parents when a vintage mirror gets broken; the ones we conspire with when we want to get rid of our babysitter. We can live with them, we can’t live without them. Siblings, that’s what they are called. I have six brothers, and one sister, and they all are older than me. Growing up with all brothers, and one sister is not great, it’s beyond my imagination. It’s like you have your own mafia, your own gang, and our membership is so exclusive. They taught me all there is to know about almost everything, guy stuff and all. But my brother Rayshon is the one who taught me the greatest lesson that I could ever learn. Rayshon is the second youngest brother of my six brothers. Rayshon is seven years older than me, and that gave me seven years to think highly of him. To me he was my God, my God. As a kid I always wanted to be like him. I followed him like a puppy.

Everything he did was cool to me. When my mother use to fix hamburgers, and I remember when she put a tomato on his burger He took it off, and he said “I don’t like tomato’s. When she was about to put a tomato on my burger I told her “I don’t like tomato’s and she asked me “since when did you stop eating tomato’s”, I told her “just a few minutes ago”. So she asked why and I told her I don’t like tomato’s because my brother don’t like tomato’s.

My brother was such of a good basketball player, he was so good he could have followed on through and played basketball in college. The thing that I like about my brother playing basketball the most is when he get trophies, metals, and his name in the newspaper. So the day I saw my brother in the newspaper that is the day I started to like basketball. Then that gave me the clue that I could be in the newspaper just like my brother. I went up to him and asked him “can you teach me how to play basketball”.He said “sure I can.”

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