•a Person Who Comes from What Is Typically Described as a “Good” Family Background, Who Has Fallen Into Criminal Behavior

Topics: Family, Mother, Question Pages: 2 (925 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Decina Peterson
The girl that what bad
The Girl name Lisa her mother raised her to be a better kid than she was. Her father wasn’t in her life she always asks her mother where her father at but her mother always comes up with exercise. She went to the finest school in Atlanta. She knows how play piano really good really good. She always said she gone be like Alicia keys one day. The school she went too she didn’t like it but she went there because there where her mom wont her come. The kids there pick on here because what her mother did in the past. They take her lunch money and make her do they homework. She always ask them y do yawl pick me out everybody. Every time she asks that question she gets hit real hard. Lisa she stops asks the question and did what they told her to do. Lisa what home and told her mother that she aren’t gone back to that school house. Her mother asks her y she isn’t gone back. Her mother talk her bout that and she even went out there to the school to talk to the principal out there. Even doe she went out there it didn’t work they still was bully her. So she finally made up her mind that she not gone back to that school no matter what. That day she came home from school she told her mother that she isn’t gone back no matter what. Her mother told her I will let you move with you aunt downtown but she got make her a promise that she will go school every day. She promises her mother that so she moved with her aunt downtown. Lisa was gone school every day. Making straight A’s and B’s and taken up piano class. She like gone to that school Lisa was make good friends and she meet this boy name coal. She meets this friend call money she really like her because they had everything in common. Money don’t be through the same thing Lisa been through. But she don’t know money in a gang she been in jail before and she come the school when she won’t too. One day money didn’t come school Lisa was wonder where she was. She even ask her...
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