A Person That Has Made an Impact on My Life

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You go through life meeting new people every day whether you know it or not. With each person you meet they touch your life in some way. You would never be the person you are today without the help of every other person you see each day. But know there is always at least one person who has the biggest impact in your life. So big you don’t know where you’d be without them. I’m lucky enough to have already met the person who has changed my life so much by doing so little. This little guy means everything to me and has saved me from myself so many times. He goes by Jordan since the day he was born August 31, 2010. He’s my nephew and the closest person to me. He may be only two, but I know I might not of even been here today telling you about the impact he has made if he never entered my life when he did. I’ve had a rough life, not as rough as some, but I’ve thought of ending my life more than once. With each time I’ve thought of that I automatically think of Jordan. I could never leave him like that. On my worst days I can see him smiling and I can’t help but smile. I could never imagine my life without him. He has changed me more than any other person in the past two years. The day he was born I couldn’t be there to see him, but when I finally got to lay my eyes on him I knew he was perfect and no one could ever replace him. With each day that he grew I couldn’t help but grow more and more attached to him. I have watched his smile, laugh, vocabulary, knowledge, and body grow. That could never be taken away, the memory of the most precious human being growing right in front of my eyes.
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