A Permanent Essential Identity

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  • Published : June 5, 2007
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A Permanent Essential Identity
Have you ever changed your appearance in some sort of way rather it be a haircut or maybe you even lost some weight? As a result you acted in a different manor then normal, or maybe you never even realized it. In society today everyone looks to change who they really are. These changes range from changing your eye color with colored contacts all the way to changing your actual flesh through plastic surgery. The play "The Shape of Things" by Neil LaBute takes place in a college setting where everyone's striving for change. There are four characters in the play Adam, Evelyn, Phillip, and Jenny. Adam is the main character who goes through a transformation that is very clear to the reader, from a geek to a, "prep" if you will. Evelyn is Adam's girlfriend who has a lot to do with his transformation. Phillip is Adam's ex-roommate. He is a frat boy and loves the fact that Adam is a geek, in the beginning of the play at least. Evelyn is Phillip's fiancée. She used to have a crush on Adam. We like to think that there is something deep down inside of us that always stay the same but unfortunately that is just a desire. People want to think that they will always stay the same deep down inside but in reality everyone changes. Throughout the play Adam changes his appearance which in turn changes the way he acts towards other people

LaBute starts the play off by showing Adam as a very timid character. By changing one little thing, his new haircut Adam begins to morph. After getting his haircut you notice a change in Adam's character. He is not used to showing affection in public but with his new haircut along comes a new attitude. You notice that he has more confidence now when he says "lemme go check the men's room…you amaze me," (11). Evelyn says "Kiss me, grasshopper," and they start to kiss as a young couple approaches. Phillip and Evelyn approach them and Phillip notices that Adam lost some weight (15). Before meeting Evelyn, getting...
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