A Peaceful Isolated Life

Topics: Sociology, 2000 albums, Money Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: March 16, 2008
"A Lifestyle" by Fernando Sorrentino entertains the reader with its humorous story of a young bank employee who gets locked in his apartment. He contacts a locksmith to open the door for him, but the locksmith finds out that he does not have any money with him to pay for the service. He informs the young man that the rules that govern his trade will not allow him to open the door without payment. The young tries other locksmiths only to find that he has been blacklisted. He tries calling his girlfriend who does not believe him and refuses to help. He also tries employees at his bank, but they either don't believe his story or think he is silly for allowing this to happen. After his phone is shut off, he attempts to throw messages off his balcony which is unsuccessful as well. He learns to survive in his isolation from society and realizes that he is actually quite content. The young man is the main character in this story. He is a dynamic character because of the insight that he gains about society and his acceptance of his isolation from it. He learns to provide both food and entertainment for himself. He becomes a "cattleman and a farmer" raising insects, rodents, and plants for food. He finally realizes that he is quite happy. The conflict in this story is an external one that we can see through mans struggle against society. The main character cries out to modern society to help him, but it flaunts its rules and turns it back on him. Once he becomes older and wiser he is able to accept that he can be happy isolated from a harsh real world. The theme of this story is mans struggle to live in a harsh society. This story shows that sometimes it is easier to achieve happiness when one is isolated from the pressures of modern life. It can allow one to release his fears and ambitions and be at peace in his everyday life.
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