A Path Finder Robot Based on Computer Vision.

Topics: Computer, Digital image processing, Personal computer Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Project Title
A Path Finder robot based on computer vision.
Group members
C.Chandrasekara (030056C)
T.C.R.Piyasena (040275F)
P.D.J.B.Karunarathne (040189U)
Project Supervisor
Dr. C.R De Silva
There may be some commercial applications that path detection techniques are useful. Ex : A shopping cart that follows the customer at shelves and returns back to its parking position according to the marked line from counter to the parking area. A trolley that follows the owner of the bags in an airport.

· The idea is to develop a robot which can find its way using real-time image processing techniques.
· By this project we try to add some navigation capabilities to a robot prototype. The project will consist of several phases.
o Phase 1: The robot should be able to go along a straight white line marked on the ground.
o Phase 2: The image processing scheme and the hardware system should be modified to deal with the turns.
o Phase 3: The robot should be able to follow a moving object, traversing along a straight way.
· As an enhancement the system would be modified to follow the moving object even its path is not a straight line.
· Other than the above features the robot can be controlled using a personal computer manually. · The path detection will depend on the images taken by a web cam. The images will be processed using effective image processing algorithms in order to get a real time control output from the program.

· The use of additional sensors may be needed to maintain the expected path. They will play a supportive role to the main camera.
· Between the each major phase there will be optimization phase. Within this phase the previous implementation would be optimized for performance and possible fixes would be introduced to overcome some practical issues.

· The core program will send its outputs via the parallel port, and then the motors will be using pulse width modulation according to the control signals. An additional...
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