A Passed on Treasured Possession

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“IT MAY HAVE BEEN JUST AN OLD-FASHIONED WATCH BUT TO ME IT WAS MY MOST TREASURED POSSESSION” The most treasured possession for me would be an old fashioned classy watch given by my grandmother ten years ago. My grandmother bought this watch fifty years ago for my grandfather, for his forty year old birthday. It was made by “Galaxy & Co”, rectangular shape style, has black leather straps and their names engraved at the back of the watch. The watch was very popular back into 1960’s because it was a “limited edition” watch. However, the price of the watch is not the reason for me to treasure it so much, the story behind it is more important and valuable to me.

My grandmother purchased the watch for my grandfather’s birthday, however, that was the only present my grandmother bought for my grandfather. During 1960, the economy wasn’t so good in South Africa. A lot of people needed to find a job to support their families. My grandmother was one of the people who needed to support her family. She found a job at a factory where she met my grandfather. He was the supervisor at the factory. When they met, it was like love at first sight. They fell in love with each other. My grandfather always gave her presents or food to bring back for her family. My grandmother felt that wasn’t too good, therefore, she used her first year salary to purchase the watch for my grandfather’s birthday. When my grandfather received the present, he was so ecstatic that he asked my grandmother if she wanted to marry him. My grandfather passed away twenty years ago, he didn’t have a chance to tell me his love story with my grandmother, and however, he left the watch to my grandmother. My grandmother then passed on the watch to me and told me everything that happened between my grandfather and her. She wanted me to keep this watch and pass it on for generations. My grandmother passed away five years ago, and she didn’t tell her love story to my mother, therefore, I am the...
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