A Paper to Study Toothpaste Buying Behaviour of Consumer with Specific Reference to Students at Stes Narhe Top Campus

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Research Paper
A paper to study toothpaste buying behaviour of consumer with specific reference to students at STES Narhe Top campus

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction1
1.1 Purpose1
1.2 Literature Review1
1.3 Objectives2
1.4 Hypothesis2
2. Research Methodology3
2.1 Data Collection Method3
2.2 Sampling Plan3
2.3 Questionnaire4
3. Research Results6
3.1 Primary Data Findings6
3.2 Secondary Data Findings8
4. Conclusion9

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose
With the increase in dental problems, people are now a day becoming more aware and conscious about the use of toothpaste and choose the one which best served their purpose. The purpose of this research paper is to determine the consumer preferences while buying toothpastes with referenced to the students at narhe campus (in age group 19-25).

1.2 Literature Review
Market is likely to see a few key launches in the toothpaste segment this year. Procter & Gamble (P&G) is set to throw another gauntlet at Colgate-Palmolive and Hindustan Unilever (HUL). The company plans to launch its global toothpaste brand Crest at an aggressive price point this year. As and when P&G introduces Crest in India, it will entail price competition as well as heavy brand investment in the category from all the players, in our view. It will put the market share and margins of Colgate under pressure. Colgate will need to sustain its higher-than-industry ad spends to protect its turf. The consumer products arm of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) may launch toothpaste under the Listerine umbrella, while GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare may prelaunch its Aquafresh brand, phased out a few years earlier. GSK had launched Sensodyne toothpaste last year. A mass-market toothpaste product is what is missing at the moment, which GSKwill plug with the re launch of Aquafresh.

1.3 Objectives
a. Primary Research Objective:
To determine the consumer preferences while buying toothpastes with referenced to the students at narhe campus (age group 19-25 years). b. Secondary Research Objectives:
Ø To determine the various factors affecting the purchase of toothpastes. ØTo determine the brand preferences for toothpastes.
ØTo determine the type of toothpastes preferred by consumers in the age group. ØTo determine the positioning of various brands in the minds of consumers in the age group. ØTo determine the relative importance of various functionalities attached to toothpaste by youngsters (whiteness, freshness, protection)

1.4 Hypothesis
H1. A person of the age group (19 -25 years) generally uses paste form of the oral care. H2. People are mostly concerned about whitening of teeth.
H3. Promotional impact of the brand creates more awareness amongst the buyers. 1.4

2. Research Methodology
2.1 Data Collection Method:

The following techniques were used:


a.Questionnaire Based Research

The questions were asked to know about the different attributes which a student looks at, while selecting toothpaste.


For secondary research, the following sources were used:
a. Websites of different toothpaste brands.
b. Other journals and reports

2.2 Sampling Plan
The sample for survey would be taken on the following basis. Sample Frame: People at STES Narhe Top Campus
Sample Unit: Engineering and Management field students
Sample Size: 50 respondents
Time Frame: 1st March 2013 - 16th March 2013.
Sampling Method: Simple random sampling

2.3 Questionnaire
1. How often do you use toothpaste in day?
A.Once a day
B.Twice a day
C.After every meal
2. How often do you buy toothpaste?
A.Every month
B.Every two months
C.Every three months
D.Not every often
3. Which form of oral care do you prefer?


4. Which brand of toothpaste do you use?...
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