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Topics: Mass media, Public relations, Writing Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: December 1, 2012
For the internal communication, Apple mainly used emails and reports as the communication channels. For emails, Apple used to promote some new policies and internal or confidential information. This can protect the company internal privacy problem. On the other hand, reports are usually notice regularly such as about the monthly accomplishment, the amounts of product sell and the stock price. As an example, Apple has reported the amount of iPhone5 to book over 2,000,000 on the first day. Sometimes, Apple’s executive management would hold meeting to make decision, problem-solving discussion, etc. For instance, the map and “Siri” function are having errors and bugs. The Apple’s executive management takes a meeting to decide how to tackle the problem.

As I mentioned before, Apple uses various media and communication channels. Those ways are within some benefits. First of all, conferences and press release are the media to be used of apple for the external communication. Conferences and press release are issued from the mass media like internet, television and newspaper. Using these media ways are well. It is because conferences and press release are basic to catch consumers’ attention. In addition, mass media is a very strong media to attract a substantial amount of consumers. These can be a good promote strategy and satisfy consumers about the latest information.

Next, Apple uses emails, reports and meetings as the communication channels for the internal communication. Emails and reports are written communication. This communication channel is mostly formal. Emails can be protecting the company’s internal and employee privacy problem even it is less formal than reports. Reports used in a more formal way because reports are used to announce some important information or news about company’s profit or benefits usually. Besides, written communication can read over and over to ensure complete understanding. Writing style reveals the sincerity and...
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